Ubake Strudel







    2014 Black Tie Finalist
Benifits of our strudel


The definition of rolls and strudel is…..’puff pastry with a filling ’. Gerard’s Specialty Foods Ltd. manufactures two products: frozen strudel & rolls; puff pastries filled with either ground beef, chicken, salmon, cherry, apple, blueberry or chocolate.


Our pastries are unique; there is simply nothing to compare on the market today. The mixtures have been developed with years of research, using local organic products; the lean ground beef is from Quist Farms in the Cowichan Valley; the chicken and salmon and fruits are also all local. No pork, garlic, hormones, antibiotics, additives or preservatives are used in our hand made pastries.


The puff pastry is a proprietary recipe; contains 768 layers and is made by hand with top quality specialty ingredients ... it's not greasy at all!




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